The Kylie effect: “we came in the next morning and our lip filler enquiries had gone up 400%”

By Silvana Kroni

80.9 million followers and counting. Entrepreneur and the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. She has made a multi million-dollar business from her cosmetic products, most famously her lip kits. Not bad for someone who, a few years ago was ridiculed for her barely-there lips. Yes, it’s Kylie Jenner.

She launched Kylie Cosmetics in 2016 and though still a baby brand, it’s popularity is undeniable. It already has 10.2 million Instagram followers alone and the restocking events don’t last more than 24 hours. The site promises to help you perfect the ‘Kylie look’.

kyliejenner instagram

With a brush of fan worship and touch of nudes (the PG kind) it has become a phenomenon.

But for many, nude lip liner alone just isn’t enough. She is a walking talking advertisement for the perfect pout and clinics that provide lip augmentations have seen a surge in procedures over the last two years.

The popularity of lip fillers has inflated. If you google “lip fillers”, at the top of your page you’ll see appear multiple stories about celebrities. Today’s ‘top stories feature Scarlett Moffatt’s ‘secret surgery’ and Lauren Goodger denying her lips have inflated ‘after posing with mysterious plumped pout’.

Other well known filler fans include the cast of ITVBe’s TOWIE, like Megan McKenna who often shows off the results on her Snapchat, and Geordie Shore’s, Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan and Chloe Ferry. A quick Google search reminds us what they used to like and how far they’ve gone. Perhaps the before and after photos are enough to make so many fans get it for themselves.

charlottegshore instagram

And it’s not just the regular celebrities that are enhancing their lips.

YouTubers with thousands, some millions, of subscribers have admitted to their fans they’ve also had them done. They include Amanda Ensing (850,000), Nic Haste, one half of PIxiwoo (2 million) and Nikkie Tutorials (5.9 million) to name a few of course.

Then come the normal folk, desperate to get a taste of the high life. Celebrity culture paves the way for a lot of things. Many fans will do almost anything to look like them. And it seems no amount of botched stories will slow down the popularity. Jordan James Parke anyone? No? (Google it).

Stars of Botched TV show recently said that teenage girls “want the Kylie” and that girls as young as 15 years old are seeking the procedure. Cosmetic surgery clinics have also reported a 70% increase in enquiries since the reality star confessed about her enhancement.

One lover of this non-surgical procedure is Scarlett Mathews, a 19-year-old student from East Sussex. She first enhanced her lips in April this year and has been  since been back for a top up. “Everyone gets them done. People who you don’t think have them done, have them done.”

scarletttmathews instagram

They have been branded “the new Botox” by cosmopolitan magazine. One major cosmetic surgery that is no stranger to the popular procedure is Transform Cosmetic surgery. (They have helped patients like bloggers Lydia Millen and Sarah Ashcroft with laser hair removal and breast augmentation).

When I spoke to their marketing team they said Kylie was the poster girl for fillers.

“After she announced it on Snapchat that she had fillers, we came in the next morning and our lip filler enquiries had gone up 400%”

“She was forgettable before [her lips].”

They also stressed to do your homework if you’re considering going ahead with it. “People really want it but you can’t put a price on your health. Stressed a representative for the clinic.

“If you’re a first timer take your time, do you research.”

And Transform Cosmetics were not afraid to turn people away for numerous reasons. Some cases, the doctor or nurse will not feel comfortable performing the procedure on people that already have large lips, natural or otherwise.

“There is a slight obsession with having big lips. But less is more. Two out of girls aged 20-25 years-old use Kylie Jenner as an inspiration.”

Another filler business based in Essex run by aesthetic nurse Emma Wright, said that she’s ‘definitely’ seen an increase of popularity in the trend.

“If they ask for a celebrity its usually always Kylie Jenner”. But Emma said this look can’t usually be achieved in one sitting and that clients need to come back. “I see about 12 girls a week.” Which for a smaller business is still a lot.

Some might say she has single-handily changed the faces of thousands of girls (and boys) around the world.


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