Honest review: why I don’t like the nyx HD loose finishing powder

So. I was really excited to purchase this.The famous Laura Mercier powder was out of my budget and I thought this would be a good low-end alternative surely?

How wrong I was.

It was always out of stock at my local boots (don’t know why). So you can imagine how excited I was to finally get one.

Shade SFP01, it’s transparent of course. Off to a good start.


Side note: I’m usually a big fan of trying drugstore makeup. But in this case it was true that you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, you can tell the quality of the powder felt cheap.

But I tried it out anyway, I wanted to give it a chance and thought it might be better once I had some makeup on.

I applied it with my beauty blender as I normally do with loose powder and could tell it felt and looked uneven. I tried to fix it as best I could and wasn’t too bad once I left.

But the camera never lies. And group pictures happened. And so did the white under-eye flashback. *photo immediately deleted.

Even for £8 I feel robbed. Perhaps I just got a really terrible batch but if you really want a finishing powder, there are other options for under £10. The Rimmel match perfection loose powder being one, at £6.99.

“Miracle in a jar” I think not.

The positives are that it’s not cakey and maybe it really worked for other people. But I wouldn’t recommend this to one of my friends.



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